Brief History

The Daughters of Mary Immaculate International traces its beginnings to the religious organization known as Daughters of Isabela, which had its head office in New Haven, Connecticut. The first Philippine Circle (Unit), the Holy Rosary Circle No. 856, Manila, was formally organized on May 24, 1951. More circles were subsequently organized. The Philippine Daughters of Isabela existed for about three decades.

At a general meeting convoked by His Eminence Jaime L. Cardinal Sin on April 29-30, 1978, the Philippine Daughters of Isabela which has been declared an independent association, together with the KC Ladies Auxiliary Association, was restructured and its name changed to Daughters of Mary Immaculate. In his message during the meeting, Cardinal Sin said, “The Daughters of Mary Immaculate is indeed a monument to the apostolic zeal and relentless dedication of some generous women who banded themselves together into another organization imbued with the same ideals and spirit.”

A few years later, DMI Circles were organized in New Jersey and Los Angeles in the United States, and in Sydney, Australia. Thus the DMI acquired an international identity. That was how the word “International” was appended to the original name of the Order, thus making it known, as it is known today, as Daughters of Mary Immaculate International.

The Daughters of Mary Immaculate International is an association of Catholic women pledged to the service of God and country. It gives aid and extends apostolic work wherever it may establish itself under its Constitution and By-laws. Pursuant to the provisions set therein, new Circles may be organized not only in the Philippines but abroad.