To unite all Catholic women in a variety of opportunities for apostolic activity and strengthen the Catholic faith within the bonds of friendship and enjoy the dignity of persons in equal affection and harmony of mind in order to:
  1. Have an ever active share in the whole life of a Catholic society;
  2. Attain the right apostolic attitude and thereby do their share in the apostolic works of the community in which they live;
  3. Be strengthened by active participation and/or involvement in the liturgical life of the community;
  4. Exert energetic efforts to preserve a view of the whole human person in which the value of the intellect, will, conscience and fraternity are pre-eminent in a human and Christian spirit; and
  5. Promote the good state of marriage and family life both by example and cooperation with men of good will.
In addition, the objectives for which the Association is formed are the following:
  • To render pecuniary aid to its members, their families and beneficiaries and their families;
  • To render mutual aid and assistance to its sick, disabled and needy members and their families;
  • To promote social and intellectual interaction among its members and their families; and finally,
  • To promote and conduct educational, charitable, religious, social welfare and public relief works.